Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tweet Up Reflection - 12/5/15 San Francisco, CA

What an amazing group!  On Saturday a group from #MTBosBA met up at @Desmos Headquarters in the city - both @AnnaWeltman and @hpiccioutto presented.

Anna's presentation was a discussion of proof without words.  We were given various diagrams of proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem, discussed with partners and then discussed as a group.  @eluberoff shared this interesting link to a Desmos visual proof.  I'm hoping to use these proofs with my Algebra 1 students later this year.  Would love to see how they might interpret them.  As @ddmeyer says, "Give them a headache."  These problems will hopefully be cause for great discussion and argument.

After Anna presented, Henri led a discussion on reaching all students in a heterogeneously grouped class.  I need to look into his idea of lagging homework for next year - it sounds like it would greatly help many of my students.  I also found his idea of splitting related concepts - for example, do not teach linear equations and then go directly into arithmetic sequences.  Give students an opportunity to spend time with the linear equations before they are thrust into sequences as they depend on their understanding of the previous topic.  There was also discussion on the purpose and the methodology of note-taking in the math classroom.  This is something that I too have been struggling with.  Do I give students structured notes?  Do they use these notes to study?  What is my preferred outcome to giving notes?  So many questions!  Am hoping that there will be a follow up discussion to this topic at the next meeting of the #MTBoSBA.

While the two presentations were incredibly interesting and thought-provoking, what I appreciated the most about this Tweetup was the time spent with other, like-minded, math professionals.  The #MTBoS is one of the best PLCs a teacher could hope for.  Positive, motivational, supportive and nonjudgmental - this group makes me want to be a better teacher.  I truly appreciate the time spent with my Twitter buddies and am looking forward to our next meeting.

A big thank you to @Desmos for hosting us and another big thank you to @Borschtwithanna for organizing the entire day!  I'm looking forward to our next Tweetup!